What rights do women not have compared to men? *Updated*

“So, while you are walking out of your jobs or not shopping, I will be putting my big girl britches on and going to work and setting an example for my daughter.” – Zakia Thiesen


Apparently on March 8th, women nationwide will be walking out of their jobs or not even showing up to work in honor of this “A day without Women” movement. It all started with the women’s march on Washington D.C., which occurred the day after President Trump’s inauguration. I honestly think that anyone who took part in that and thought wearing a vagina shaped hat on their head was a good idea, is really not the brightest crayon in the box. Nor was it a good idea to trash the Nations Capitol in spite of yourself. If you really wanted to protest for women’s rights, you would do so without clothes and fully embrace your womanhood. But then again, we have the same rights as men don’t we? We can vote, as per the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. So what else is there? I asked and I was given a few answers.

Apparently women want equal pay, more representation in congress and Planned Parenthood services.

Hate to break it to you ladies, but if you want equal pay, do the same work as men in all aspects. Don’t use your “monthly friend” as an excuse. Woman up and deal with it. If you want more representation in congress, VOTE for women. That’s the only way that will happen and at one point in recent Maine history, we had three women in congress, Representative Chellie Pingree, Senator Olympia Snow and Senator Susan Collins, so please don’t try to feed that bullshit about women representation. It was there, but money speaks more than sisterhood.

As for the Planned Parenthood services, I don’t believe that abortions should be paid for by the government. According to the Hyde amendment of 1976, affirmed by congress in 1980, government run Medicaid is not allowed to pay for abortions. Since 1994 however, Medicaid is allowed to pay for abortions should carrying the fetus to term endangers the life of the mother or the fetus is a product of rape or incest. But most of the time, its up to the specific state you reside in to pay. In Maine, public funding is available for abortion only in cases of life endangerment, rape or incest. Oh but that’s not all that Planned Parenthood does you say? You are right, they also test for anemia, cholesterol, diabetes and thyroid screening. They will also help you with getting certain vaccines, screening for STD’s, physicals and high blood pressure screening as well as reproductive services for both men and women. I do have to say that the government should stay out of health care and that big pharma needs a smack up side the head for the sake of saving lives and not gouging insurance companies and people for the sake of lining their gold plated wallets.

Randomly odd thought for those of you fighting for government funded/mandated health care, why not just use Planned Parenthood for all non-specific health care, like your general health care and end the family care practices instead of universal health care. Take a look at the VA hospitals, you can see how well that worked out for those veterans who died in Arizona waiting for an appointment. Or tell that to Sgt. John Toombs, an Army Veteran who hung himself on the Alvin C. York VA campus in Murfreesboro, TN after being booted out of a mental health unit just before thanksgiving 2016. Universal Health Care is a joke. As is privatized healthcare.

Now on the website for the Womens March organization, they have three ways you can participate in the “A Day Without Women” act. The first being that women take the day off, from paid and unpaid labor. The Second is to avoid shopping for one day with the exception for small women and minority owned business. And the third way is to wear RED in solidarity with the movement. I have some words for this and they aren’t fit for print.

So you want to take the day of from paid or unpaid labor. Wouldn’t unpaid labor be considered taking care of the home, children and any animals? Are you going to tell your kids that they have to fend for themselves, because you aren’t working today? Now what about your paid job? Are you going to face the consequences of losing your job when you don’t show up or walk out on your job, here in Maine we are an “at will” state. That means that under Maine law, an “at-will” employee may be terminated for any reason not specifically prohibited by law. So good luck trying to keep your job ladies.

You are telling me that you won’t shop at any store that is not run/owned by a woman or a minority? Better not plan on driving any General Motors Co. vehicles. That’s not a small business but it is run by a woman, Mary T. Barra to be exact. You should also not plan on eating any products from the Hershey Company even though Michele Buck is the CEO. I wouldn’t use any items you purchased from Ulta Beauty if I were you, Mary Dillon is the head of that company. Campbell Soup, Pepsi Co, Hewlett-Packard, PG&E and Lockheed Martin are a few companies run by women, but they aren’t small. So you will be boycotting all sorts of companies that have WOMEN in charge. For the names of women in leadership positions nationwide you can look here at the Catalyst website.

As for this “RED” movement, I’ve already made my feeling made on wearing that color for your “solidarity” in another blog post. You can read that here. I don’t have much else to say on the matter. Do what you want, but I won’t be wearing RED in solidarity with this movement.


I have had several women tell me I’m bitter because I am not taking the day off. Why would I? I have daughter to support and two dogs to take care of. Who is going to take care of my child if I take the day off? So, while you are walking out of your jobs or not shopping, I will be putting my big girl britches on and going to work and be setting an example for my daughter. Protesting and not getting a day’s wage’s will not teach her a damn thing about life or how to actually achieve things without throwing a glorified temper tantrum. Proving your worth will. It will also earn you the respect of your peers. But that’s none of my business now is it?


But this is just my opinion and I have the right to share it in my blog that I do not get paid for. I do not claim to be a reporter, so don’t confuse me as one. If you feel you could write a better blog than I can, feel free to join the blogging community with the BDN network. Feel free to fill out this google document and you too could join the blogging network in Maine.

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