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My name is Zakia Thiesen, pronounced (Zah-Key-Ah Thee-sin) I am originally from the City of Owatonna, Minnesota where i was born and raised until just before my 13th birthday. I have lived in Maine since. I currently reside on the coast with my 6 year old daughter and our two dogs. I pitched the idea of a blog about Veteran’s and the trials and tribulations, veterans go through when transitioning to civilian life from active duty life to the Bangor Daily News and here I am, writing this for all of you. I am fairly active within the American Legion here in Maine. I currently am the 1st Vice Commander of the Charles C. Lilly American Legion Post 149 and the 2nd Vice Commander of District 7.

What rights do women not have compared to men? *Updated*

“So, while you are walking out of your jobs or not shopping, I will be putting my big girl britches on and going to work and setting an example for my daughter.” – Zakia Thiesen   Apparently on March 8th, women nationwide will be walking out of their jobs or not even showing up to […]

R.E.D. Remember Everyone Deployed

What do you think of, when you see RED? Do you think of a specific commercialized holiday coming up or do you think of the thousands of service members who have come home with a flag draped over their coffins? Do you think of the war we are fighting overseas to keep the war away […]